Fee Pricing

Consultation fees vary according to the complexity and number of services provided during your consultation. Many services are bulk billed (no gap pay), including those for children under 16, people over 65 and concession card holders. Discounts for the Standard fee may apply in certain cases. Fees listed below are for the more common services. If you have any questions regarding the relevant fees, please ask our receptionist.

ConsultationStandard Fee (non-discounted)Medicare Rebate
Brief $42.00$17.90 (gap $24.10)
Standard$85.00$39.10 (gap $45.90)
Long$155.00$75.75 (gap $79.25)
Phone/online repeat script or referral$10.00

The Medicare rebate is refunded instantly into your bank account when paying electronically.

Additional Procedures

Procedures may incur a gap fee depending on the complexity of the procedure and this will be discussed by your treating doctor at the time.


Payments will be taken at the time of consultation.